Welcome to Maranatha Public Health Organisation

None Profit Profit Organisation


About Us

We’re registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with the National Department of Social Development with the
registration number: 212-872NPO.We are dedicated to provide a tailored healthcare services to the most vulnerable citizens in
our communities who might have challenges excessing these. We have over a year in this field,
offering this service and the demand for our service keeps increasing.

Our Mission

MSAPHO mission is simple: ring smiles and joy to our elder citizens and kids who are hungry and who have given smiles to so many others throughout their lives. We say, “Thank You” to elders who have served others throughout their lives by granting individual dreams for seniors who qualify


Your in-kind donations and monetary support are the lifeblood of Dreams for Seniors. Without your support, we can’t meet our mission of celebrating seniors, granting wishes and making dreams come true. The good news about your donations: 100 percent of every dollar we receive goes directly to benefit the seniors we serve. And all donations stay right here South africa and other countries.